President Donald J Trump 100 Days In! — “&!**%! a Just Over Broke…”

One hundred days have passed since Donald J Trump took the oath of office. “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) is in the earliest days of fruition. Luckily I have pared down my sources of “information” and “news”, otherwise I might think that President Trump has been an absolute failure in the first 100. No need […]

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President Donald J Trump 100 Days In!

One hundred days have passed since Donald J Trump took the oath of office. “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) is in the earliest days of fruition.

Luckily I have pared down my sources of “information” and “news”, otherwise I might think that President Trump has been an absolute failure in the first 100. No need to reiterate these considered failures as reported, as I feel personally, my own referring to these reports would only direct readers to these stories, if they are currently unaware of the negativity associated with President Trumps administration.

I happen to think President Trump is doing a rather “conventional” job as leader of the free world and commander and chief of one of the mightiest military’s on the planet – personally I would have blown up at least half of the Middle east by now, and North Korea would still be smoking 100 days later – and President Trump has at least attempted to keep his primary and general election promises.

Forces like the uni party congress, the Main Stream Media (MSM) and special interest groups are all allied against President Trump.

100 days in, my plan is to continue to support our 45th President. I plan to remain informed as best I can over the next 265 days.

I’m proud of what our celebrity billionaire come President has accomplished, and that he does intend to keep his campaign promises – EVEN IF IT TAKES MORE THAN 100 DAYS.

Lets talk again in another 2, 890 days huh…

“No way he gets what he wants done in 100 days, while he being cock blocked!”, to quote the missus. “THAT simple”, I laughed.


Make America Great Again.



2017 – ITS gonna be A Year!

“…simply put, when life gets hard I plan to simply think and work my way through the problems presented, and expect to solve the problem.”


2017 – ITS gonna be A Year!

Billionaire television celebrity Donald J Trump is President of the United States. I’m good with that, as I am one who voted for him in both the primaries and the general election. Some people are not.

Regardless, 2017 – ITS gonna be A Year!

Politics aside – I expect good things for myself, family and friends: peace of mind; an again healthy body, mind AND spirit; successful endeavors; happy children and family; the usual.

I also expect: setbacks; trials and tribulations; angry and sad days; hard work; the usual.

Regardless of everything, I’m of a mind and philosophy that life is what one makes of it. If life gives me lemons I expect to use these as garnishes for drinks – I can pretty much always afford one drink of something. Of course I could make lemonade, but lemonade gives me heartburn, so I’d rather not.

Never mind the analogy – simply put, when life gets hard I plan to simply think and work my way through the problems presented, and expect to solve the problem. Regardless.

At 53 I must say I’ve lived a phenomenal life. I was married to my beautiful soul mate (the best angel in heaven now), and we bore 4 beautiful children. My new partner and I have a beautiful child as well. We are building a life together (a continuation for both of us). There is plenty of work to do to get to where we want to be.

Boseman, Montana, with a small piece of land and a few animals is where we want to be. I want to write the great American novel, and she wants to raise animals, a vegetable garden and cook good meals and pastries.

I heard recently “You have to be willing to sleep in your car for what you want…” and I agree. We are packing the car as I write this, but there doesn’t seem to be any room for sleeping. Seems we have to decide on what’s going to be left behind, and travel light.

Yeah, 2017 – ITS gonna be A Year.



What’s REALLY Real?!

Qualification statement – “I intend to vote for Donald J. Trump for President in the 2106 general election, a position I have held for the entire Republican Primary, In which I helped DT emerge victorious! (see my FB post since).”

On June 11, 2016, during LGBT Pride month of June, a lone gunman stormed a club in Orlando, Florida, “Pulse”, and gunned-downed over 100 people, 49 (plus?) dead at last count. It was reported that he was of the “radical Islamist” mind-set, and during this same month of Ramadan, decided to help some gay people religiously atone for their sins, according to radical translation of the religion of Islam, by their deaths. Omar Mateen “radical Islamic terrorist” – fuck ‘em!

He’s not important other than the fact that he was the vehicle, the perpetrator, the criminal element, the “Islamic soldier in the Holy war”, the martyr about to receive 72 pieces of azz! Main Stream Media fodder he…a diversion.

The religion Islam may just be a “political ideology” according to some scholarly translations. The Muslim (sorry – Moslem) practitioner may be of different sects that interpret and translate their holy book differently than other practitioners (Lutherans, Baptist, etc. of the Christian faith) – OK to that but…what’s REALLY real?!

Guaranteed that if you talk to 4 different “Imams”, or “scholars” – you WILL get four different answers to any question you might ask. Yet, even the slightest first reading and translation of the “Quran”,” Koran”,” Qur’an” …and the teachings of the prophet “Mohammed…”, “Muhammad” …even the slightest translation of this holy book can tell you word for word all you need to know about Islam, and the five tenets – Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Sawm, and Hajj (um… yeah… I didn’t even consider touching the spelling of FIVE tenets lol).

No, I’m not going to interpret or cite anything about Islam for anyone. I suggest you read the entire holy book as I have, and make your own decision as to what you have read (yes bear in mind you might be reading the English translation- THAT goddamn word AGAIN – from Arabic, which actually is two Dialects [Arabian vs. Western], and the Holy Book may have been “translated” …!…?…<sigh>). Islam – a religion, maybe. Islam – a political ideology, maybe. Islam…

In MY Humble Opinion (IMHO) – Islam is a mess, and since my Christian GOD (Good Orderly Direction) doesn’t make messes (mind you – WE DO though), well…I just hope I didn’t misspell anything in this post. Who wants to help me draw a cartoon of Muhammad (Mohammed)?

My FB POST April 12th, 2015 – One Year Ago!!


Patriot – a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors – without or within.

For the Record I (Personally) believe that:

The United States of America, my country, is governed as a Constitutional Republic – a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them;
The Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, written by ALL white men, over 200 years ago, is the supreme Law of the Land, and has been amended several times to include every person living in this country, legally, rights to freedoms. It can be amended again and again if necessary;
Religious freedom, the ability to practice Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc., and to speak about such in open forums is the law.
I have the right to own a firearm and as much ammunition as I see fit for my families protection;
The Patriot Act, and its inclusion in the NDAA is illegal – and President Obama’s continual signing each year of the NDAA, which includes this act, is my main argument against him and his presidency;
Not all law enforcement officers are immoral and malevolent, but the police as a whole have forgotten “The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure. The government may not conduct any searches without a warrant…”- regardless of you “smelling” something, and my looking suspicious, etc. – I can refuse to be searched or detained – I am willing to die to live by this statement.
Slavery has been legally abolished;
Provided you haven’t broken the law, and are of a certain age – YOU have the right to vote, and yes you do need to identify that you are who you say you are – get an I.D. NOW – you need one for everything else;
A Woman has a right to choose;
GENDERS are NOT equal – men are better at certain task, as are women.
NOT everyone is equal in ability, intelligence, income, etc. in this country – but EVERYONE has the right to live free and happy, assisted as needed by the community at large – NOT the government.
Gay marriage – the union between same-sex couples should be legal in the entire world.
We need a Flat Tax structure in this country – 15-20% across the board for everyone, regardless of income;
The top 1% income earners in this country – DO NOT CREATE JOBS. Trickle down economics is false;
Journalism does not exist anymore – “Editorial Narratives” confuse and confound ALL of us – the truth has never been more difficult to determine – a detrimental side effect of this “Information age”;
The United States of America is the greatest country to live in – and as a true Patriot I know this.


Call The Media (Out on Mendacious Journalism)


If you really want to support Trump, Call the media and let them know you will boycott them if they continue with the lies. (ask for a manger tell them it’s important)

Originally posted on my Facebook page – I feel this is a pertinent resource for media contact information:

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Everyone has different talents. Please let know if you intend to join me in the following very important project. Thank you.

If you really want to support Trump, posting memes and sharing posts on Facebook is not the way, we end up preaching to our own choir. The government and MSM doesn’t care about your posts, they don’t read them! The media doesn’t care about your posts. You friends might like your posts but they change nothing in the biased media or the corrupt government.

If you really want to support Trump, Call the media and let them know you will boycott them if they continue with the lies. (ask for a manger tell them it’s important)

Call the RNC and let them know you will leave the republican party if they continue to slander and try to cheat him out of the nomination.

Call these numbers relentlessly. Let them know we won’t be silenced and we won’t be pushed around with out a fight!

If you can’t be bothered to stand up for Trump and stand up to the corrupt establishment and media then you deserve to be stuck with Hillary Clinton.

Will you be a patriot and stand for Trump the way he stands for you? Or is your future just not worth the effort?

The number to the RNC is at the bottom of the list.

If you have a fax. bombard their fax numbers also!

CNN HQ in Atlanta is 404-827-1500

Contact List for New York News Media







Comment line:



Eason Jordan


fax: 404.827.4215


Kim Bondy

404 827 1500

Call Anderson Cooper



212 975 3247






Newsroom Fax Machine



Director, Special Events & Sports


Cristi Landes, Manager, Programming 212.456.5107

Wayne Fisk Director, Programming 212.456.5327

Jeff Fitzgerald Executive Director, Operations 212.456.5554

Heidi Oringer Executive Director, Entertainment 212.456.5541

Jon Newman News Coverage 212.456.5100

Joyce Alcantara Assignment Manager 212.456.5106

Jim Kane Deputy D.C. Bureau Chief 212.222. 6604

Andrew Kalb Executive Director, Programming

Robert Garcia Executive Director, News & Sports



Contacting C-SPAN’s Washington Journal:

Republicans: (202) 737-0001

Democrats: (202) 737-0002

Independents: (202) 628-0205

Outside U.S.: (202) 628-0184




888-369-4762 general number

877-9-NO-SPIN (877-966-7746) O’reilly


To send comments and suggestions (about news coverage only) or to report errors that call for correction, e-mail

or leave a message at 1-888-NYT-NEWS.

To contact a reporter, click on the byline of one of his or her articles to access the reader e-mail form.

You can also find any reporter’s archive here (alphabetized by last name; reporters’ names are italicized):

Times Topics: People –;

The Editors

The Newsroom




Jim Lehrer

Andrea Mitchell

Andrew Sullivan

Bob Herbert

Chris Matthews

Chuck Todd

Clarence Page

Cynthia Tucker

David Remnick (the New Yorker)

Donna Brazile

E.J. Dionne

Ed Schultz

Eugene Robinson

Howard Fineman

Jim Lehrer

Joe Klein

Josh Marshall

Keith Olberman

Mark Ambinder

Mark Halperin

(no direct, but address him and use )

Mike Malloy

Morning Joe –

Feedback page-very bottom right column http://www.msnbc.msn.comid/3036789/

Race to the White House –

Feeback page-


Rachel Maddow

Randi Rhodes

Stephanie Miller

Steve Clemons

The New York Times Editors

The Washington Post

Thom Hartmann

Tom BrokeJaw



Drop them some facts; They need them


Drop them some Facts; they need them

American Journalism Review

Columbia journalism Review

Drop them a Tip. They are looking for them

Committee of Concerned Journalists


Drop them a tip – They are looking for them

Institute for Public Accuracy

media matters


1-800-332-1499 then PRESS 1



It is effective to Dial, to call Media and RNC, but FB, Twitter, and Instagram audiences are getting social media participants involved and voting for Donald too. Do EVERYTHING!



Olga Ulloa shared Elizabeth Hawkes’s post.
Yesterday at 5:27pm