Someone “stole” my Trump Yard Signs!


“…IF you infringe upon my right to express myself with simple, nonviolent yard signs, I am going to “knock the hell out of you!”

I support republican primary candidate Donald J Trump. I have early voted for him in the Ohio primary, and intend to vote for him in the general presidential election.

This past weekend, I planted Trump yard signs in my front yard. I awaken this morning to find these yard signs gone.

When I picked up the signs from the local Trump campaign support HQ – the young man working told me to make sure I get more WHEN my signs are taken.

This very same weekend, a Donald Trump campaign rally being held in Chicago, Illinois at The University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion, was disrupted and canceled due to “protesters” infiltrating the arena, and individual skirmishes erupting between these said protesters and Donald Trump supporters.

What I understand of Donald Trump’s position on particular issues important to me, are as follows:

Social Issues (racial, free speech, guns);

  • AGAINST AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM MEXICO and intends to “build a wall” to stop the influx of not just illegal persons, but of illegal activities that are associated with this illegal influx which amounts to drug trafficking. DEPORT THOSE HERE ILLEGALLY. I AGREE
  • HALTING THE INTAKE OF SYRIAN AND OTHER REFUGEES until a proper vetting and background check of said “refugees” can be done to properly assure our nation’s security. I AGREE
  • “ISLAM HATES AMERICA” – my own gut instinct supports this. I AGREE
  • PRO 1st and 2nd AMENDMENT. I AGREE

Domestic issues (economic);

  • STOPPING CORPORATE INVERSION through a reformed TAX code and system, thus returning manufacturing companies to the United States, thus JOB CREATION. I AGREE
  • REMOVE REGULATORY BARRIERS BETWEEN STATES concerning insurance making it easier for there to be actual market competition between insurance providers. I AGREE

Foreign affairs (Middle East, China, North Korea);

  • APPROACH ISRAELI/PALESTINIAN conflict as a mediator, NOT as the ally to Israel. I AGREE (NOTE: I personally consider Israel our ally in the ME region, and would militarily support/defend them against attack by ANY Muslim country in the ME region)
  • NATIONALIST POSITION to our dealings with countries in the ME, particularly Muslim countries (WE DON’T REALLY KNOW THE PLAYERS). I AGREE
  • REWORK TRADE DEALS (TPP, TPA, NAFTA, et al), NON “GLOBALIST” positions that return sovereignty to The United States of America. I STRONGLY AGREE!

Of course there are other issues that plague or country, but having personally considered and agreeing with Donald Trump on these key issues – again I say I support Donald Trump in the republican primary, and plan to vote for him in the general election, hoping that Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States.

By the way, whomever it was that “stole” my yard signs by violating my private property, you all should understand – “protest” if you feel you must, but IF you infringe upon my right to express myself IN ANY WAY, even with simple, nonviolent yard signs, I am going to “knock the hell out of you!”

Yes – I hit FIRST. The ONLY warning anyone gets!


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