The angst of it ALL…

Whether watching my local “news” channels, or tuning into my local “talk” radio, where it concerns the current political happenings (the republican, and democratic primaries in particular), I get a “feeling”…

This “feeling” gets worse when I watch what is recently being referred to as Main Stream Media (MSM). ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CN&N, Fox Business News – I could continue to list corporate owned and “managed” news concerns, but you should get the idea of what is meant by MSM.

This “feeling” increases even further, gets worse, with every professional political “talking head” pundit that assumes to tell me what is “actually going on”, why, and the greater implications as concerns this current events ramifications on society at large.

More times than not the pundits are flat out wrong. Yet they remain employed, and continue to pontificate, prevaricate, mislead, delude, deceive and propagandize. This “feeling” boils over as I listen.

The angst is forcing me to disconnect.

I honestly wish that there were a way, an opportunity, a chance to confront and debate these pundits on a number of issues. Nothing would help me assuage my angst, and fulfill my “desire to contradict the false information being disseminated by the MSM” –  than just ONE opportunity to broadcast the truth. Not my opinion – but truth as shown in a video, or found in words spoken, not coerced, by the very individuals actually involved.

Unfortunately, I know of no chance of this happening. And it’s actually not all that trivial.



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