What’s REALLY Real?!

Qualification statement – “I intend to vote for Donald J. Trump for President in the 2106 general election, a position I have held for the entire Republican Primary, In which I helped DT emerge victorious! (see my FB post since).”

On June 11, 2016, during LGBT Pride month of June, a lone gunman stormed a club in Orlando, Florida, “Pulse”, and gunned-downed over 100 people, 49 (plus?) dead at last count. It was reported that he was of the “radical Islamist” mind-set, and during this same month of Ramadan, decided to help some gay people religiously atone for their sins, according to radical translation of the religion of Islam, by their deaths. Omar Mateen “radical Islamic terrorist” – fuck ‘em!

He’s not important other than the fact that he was the vehicle, the perpetrator, the criminal element, the “Islamic soldier in the Holy war”, the martyr about to receive 72 pieces of azz! Main Stream Media fodder he…a diversion.

The religion Islam may just be a “political ideology” according to some scholarly translations. The Muslim (sorry – Moslem) practitioner may be of different sects that interpret and translate their holy book differently than other practitioners (Lutherans, Baptist, etc. of the Christian faith) – OK to that but…what’s REALLY real?!

Guaranteed that if you talk to 4 different “Imams”, or “scholars” – you WILL get four different answers to any question you might ask. Yet, even the slightest first reading and translation of the “Quran”,” Koran”,” Qur’an” …and the teachings of the prophet “Mohammed…”, “Muhammad” …even the slightest translation of this holy book can tell you word for word all you need to know about Islam, and the five tenets – Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Sawm, and Hajj (um… yeah… I didn’t even consider touching the spelling of FIVE tenets lol).

No, I’m not going to interpret or cite anything about Islam for anyone. I suggest you read the entire holy book as I have, and make your own decision as to what you have read (yes bear in mind you might be reading the English translation- THAT goddamn word AGAIN – from Arabic, which actually is two Dialects [Arabian vs. Western], and the Holy Book may have been “translated” …!…?…<sigh>). Islam – a religion, maybe. Islam – a political ideology, maybe. Islam…

In MY Humble Opinion (IMHO) – Islam is a mess, and since my Christian GOD (Good Orderly Direction) doesn’t make messes (mind you – WE DO though), well…I just hope I didn’t misspell anything in this post. Who wants to help me draw a cartoon of Muhammad (Mohammed)?


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