President Donald J Trump 100 Days In!

One hundred days have passed since Donald J Trump took the oath of office. “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) is in the earliest days of fruition.

Luckily I have pared down my sources of “information” and “news”, otherwise I might think that President Trump has been an absolute failure in the first 100. No need to reiterate these considered failures as reported, as I feel personally, my own referring to these reports would only direct readers to these stories, if they are currently unaware of the negativity associated with President Trumps administration.

I happen to think President Trump is doing a rather “conventional” job as leader of the free world and commander and chief of one of the mightiest military’s on the planet – personally I would have blown up at least half of the Middle east by now, and North Korea would still be smoking 100 days later – and President Trump has at least attempted to keep his primary and general election promises.

Forces like the uni party congress, the Main Stream Media (MSM) and special interest groups are all allied against President Trump.

100 days in, my plan is to continue to support our 45th President. I plan to remain informed as best I can over the next 265 days.

I’m proud of what our celebrity billionaire come President has accomplished, and that he does intend to keep his campaign promises – EVEN IF IT TAKES MORE THAN 100 DAYS.

Lets talk again in another 2, 890 days huh…

“No way he gets what he wants done in 100 days, while he being cock blocked!”, to quote the missus. “THAT simple”, I laughed.


Make America Great Again.




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