Donald Trump and American Exceptionalism

Why does it matter if he is “liked” outside of the United States?

In its classic forms, American exceptionalism refers to the special character of the United States as a uniquely free nation based on democratic ideals and personal liberty. Combine this with a preferred definition of Nationalism – advocacy of political independence for a particular country, and you have a sensible political position.

I support candidate Donald Trump based on what he says his platform is, during his rallies and during his involvement in previous numerous “debates” (term used loosely). Also because I believe he agrees with American exceptionalism, from a nationalistic view-point – very sensible.

So as I watched a CN&N report (Poppy Harlow on 3/19/2016) concerning how Donald Trump is “viewed” around the world – my reaction was: first disdain with the actual report, because the reporting was negative; and secondly, “who cares”! I know that I, and others that support Donald Trump, don’t care.

The President of the United States is often referred to as the “leader of the free world”, and is expected to interact with other countries with decorum and diplomacy, while at the same time “dealing” with said countries from a position of strength. Why does it matter if he is “liked” outside of the United States? Specifically if Donald Trump is elected President of the United States.

Globalism and liberalism, and “unions” between countries are leading to the disestablishment of sovereign nation states under the guise of “trade” for economic gain. In my opinion this is just policy that will lead to what will become the “new world order” and the one world government everyone alludes to.

Donald Trump speaks out, loudly, against “illegal immigration”, “refugees” and “trade” agreements that do not affirm and benefit our national position. Donald Trump takes our national security seriously. Donald Trump says that the Unites States will “win”. It is well past time for America to become exceptional again.

If in fact American exceptionalism is to return at the expense of any other country, remember what we all should have been taught about responsibility – how while being responsible for our own actions, concerning our nation and people first, that we must be prudent. Personally, I see nothing whatsoever wrong with America and Americans coming first, remaining the world leader as a sovereign nation, and quite frankly winning!


The angst of it ALL…

Whether watching my local “news” channels, or tuning into my local “talk” radio, where it concerns the current political happenings (the republican, and democratic primaries in particular), I get a “feeling”…

This “feeling” gets worse when I watch what is recently being referred to as Main Stream Media (MSM). ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CN&N, Fox Business News – I could continue to list corporate owned and “managed” news concerns, but you should get the idea of what is meant by MSM.

This “feeling” increases even further, gets worse, with every professional political “talking head” pundit that assumes to tell me what is “actually going on”, why, and the greater implications as concerns this current events ramifications on society at large.

More times than not the pundits are flat out wrong. Yet they remain employed, and continue to pontificate, prevaricate, mislead, delude, deceive and propagandize. This “feeling” boils over as I listen.

The angst is forcing me to disconnect.

I honestly wish that there were a way, an opportunity, a chance to confront and debate these pundits on a number of issues. Nothing would help me assuage my angst, and fulfill my “desire to contradict the false information being disseminated by the MSM” –  than just ONE opportunity to broadcast the truth. Not my opinion – but truth as shown in a video, or found in words spoken, not coerced, by the very individuals actually involved.

Unfortunately, I know of no chance of this happening. And it’s actually not all that trivial.


Someone “stole” my Trump Yard Signs!


“…IF you infringe upon my right to express myself with simple, nonviolent yard signs, I am going to “knock the hell out of you!”

I support republican primary candidate Donald J Trump. I have early voted for him in the Ohio primary, and intend to vote for him in the general presidential election.

This past weekend, I planted Trump yard signs in my front yard. I awaken this morning to find these yard signs gone.

When I picked up the signs from the local Trump campaign support HQ – the young man working told me to make sure I get more WHEN my signs are taken.

This very same weekend, a Donald Trump campaign rally being held in Chicago, Illinois at The University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion, was disrupted and canceled due to “protesters” infiltrating the arena, and individual skirmishes erupting between these said protesters and Donald Trump supporters.

What I understand of Donald Trump’s position on particular issues important to me, are as follows:

Social Issues (racial, free speech, guns);

  • AGAINST AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM MEXICO and intends to “build a wall” to stop the influx of not just illegal persons, but of illegal activities that are associated with this illegal influx which amounts to drug trafficking. DEPORT THOSE HERE ILLEGALLY. I AGREE
  • HALTING THE INTAKE OF SYRIAN AND OTHER REFUGEES until a proper vetting and background check of said “refugees” can be done to properly assure our nation’s security. I AGREE
  • “ISLAM HATES AMERICA” – my own gut instinct supports this. I AGREE
  • PRO 1st and 2nd AMENDMENT. I AGREE

Domestic issues (economic);

  • STOPPING CORPORATE INVERSION through a reformed TAX code and system, thus returning manufacturing companies to the United States, thus JOB CREATION. I AGREE
  • REMOVE REGULATORY BARRIERS BETWEEN STATES concerning insurance making it easier for there to be actual market competition between insurance providers. I AGREE

Foreign affairs (Middle East, China, North Korea);

  • APPROACH ISRAELI/PALESTINIAN conflict as a mediator, NOT as the ally to Israel. I AGREE (NOTE: I personally consider Israel our ally in the ME region, and would militarily support/defend them against attack by ANY Muslim country in the ME region)
  • NATIONALIST POSITION to our dealings with countries in the ME, particularly Muslim countries (WE DON’T REALLY KNOW THE PLAYERS). I AGREE
  • REWORK TRADE DEALS (TPP, TPA, NAFTA, et al), NON “GLOBALIST” positions that return sovereignty to The United States of America. I STRONGLY AGREE!

Of course there are other issues that plague or country, but having personally considered and agreeing with Donald Trump on these key issues – again I say I support Donald Trump in the republican primary, and plan to vote for him in the general election, hoping that Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States.

By the way, whomever it was that “stole” my yard signs by violating my private property, you all should understand – “protest” if you feel you must, but IF you infringe upon my right to express myself IN ANY WAY, even with simple, nonviolent yard signs, I am going to “knock the hell out of you!”

Yes – I hit FIRST. The ONLY warning anyone gets!

What can I do to “Make America Great Again”

The theme of GOP presidential primary candidate Donald Trump is “Make America Great Again” – which I wholeheartedly agree with, and is the reason why I support Donald Trump and will vote for him in both the primary and general elections.

I had to consider and come to some understanding of what I think Donald Trump means when he says “Make America Great Again”. Is not America still “great”? If not, when was America considered “great”, and by whom was it considered as such?

The definition of the word great gives us “of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average”. Therefore, America as a nation and people, would have had to have been seen as –  being above other nations in the world at some point.

My general knowledge of American history is as an arc: from independence, raising upward to the abolition of slavery; to victory in World Wars; and civil rights victories; and continuing upward to our technological advances and industrial superiority in the world today.

My actual experience of living and growing up in America allows me to say that America was at least “great” during my formative years. I was born in November of 1963 (President Kennedy was assassinated 20 days after I was born). I graduated from Primary school in 1978, and graduated high school in 1982 – I was very well educated in parochial schools – and had my first job working at a Friendly’s restaurant at 17 years old (NOTE: “Motorhead”, the local parking lot where the “cool” kids hung out was the adjacent parking lot to where I worked – I’d get off work at night and join in – mostly white kids and me and a few other blacks, yet, no issues).

Ronald Reagan was the first President I was aware of. Mind you I didn’t follow politics, and I wasn’t informed enough about social, foreign and domestic policies that I could hold an intelligent conversation about his presidency. But between the ages of 18- 25 years old, 1982- 2000, this was”the time of my life”.

I had quite a few “girlfriends”, learned a lot from each. I tried a stint in the US Navy, which was derailed because my sickle cell trait and hypertension would not allow me to navigate submarines (made it through boot camp to nuclear school, but decided to pass on any another job and quit). Moved to Chicago, Illinois, studied theater and tap dance, and a month later met my beautiful British bad girl and future wife of 23 years. Had my first of five children, born on Valentines day 1990. Traveled, and lived, across the US. Lived in the UK and traveled to Europe quite a few times. Was always employed wherever I was at the time – money was not an issue. I succeeded as much as I failed, and not for lack of trying.

To me, being well educated, getting along with other races, opportunities to earn a living, being able to travel and experience many different people, cultures, different countries – “America was great”!

2001. September 11th. Tuesday. What I remember most about the 9/11 attacks is the fact that “outsiders” attacked the US. Outsiders attacked America – the people; our culture; our “way of life”. I became afraid for my family immediately after these attacks as information became available as to whom and why. Since then, years later, having learned a thing or two, today I’m simply “angry”.

As broken as some may have described America before 9/11 – personally I did not notice the same levels of: “divisiveness” among the races, and religions; the perceived level of “injustice” for minorities; terms like “politically correct” weren’t used daily. Now just about anyone and everyone can be labeled “racist” or “phobic”, simply because they disagree with someone. This all became worse, in my opinion, after the 9/11 attacks. We allowed the outsiders to effectively win. This event in our American history, appears to be the point in time, to me, that led to America becoming less than “great”.

After years of faltering world leadership from America – fast forward to 2008 and the first “black” President of the United States. Barak Obama traveled well during his campaign, internationally as well, and spoke eloquently and my impression was that we would now see the benefits of a “hope”, and much needed “change” from stagnation, more unity and justice for all, and the fundamental “transformation” of America. I voted for Barak Hussein Obama in 2008.

America transformed alright – after 9/11, particularly at the end of the George W. Bush administration, and especially during the Obama regime. In the Hasbro cartoon Transformers: Robots in Disguise, vehicles, like cars and semi-trucks, transform into huge, powerful, armed, battle ready robots (the good guys and the bad guys). I always thought of my America as a huge, powerful, armed, battle ready nation. A la transformers, we have now transformed back ,to become a yellow 1980 Volkswagen beetle.

History and my past experience allows me to state that America was a great country. Does my future outlook, as well as opportunities, allow me to say that America is still a great country? The optimistic answer to this question is yes, because I can and will be responsible for my decisions regarding my life’s choices going forward.

Today, I have an adequate job and means to earn an income . I can continue to support my own family through my effort and hard work – realizing that I am “entitled” to nothing.

Today, I am much more aware of my surroundings, and I have increased my knowledge of things that are honest and altruistic – realizing that authority as well as media can and do lie to us in the general public.

Today, I understand that those who consider themselves the “established expertise” (pick any industry or system) live by a philosophy of “equality and fee stuff” – simply put, liberalism, provided this establishment can determine, from on high, who can benefit.

Today I understand that I have to fight being coerced and regulated into “acceptance” of persons, places and things that I do not agree with – this does not make me an “-ist” or “-phobe” of any kind.

Beyond these and other things I can also do – the easiest would be to cast a vote for Donald Trump in 2016!! A definitive start I think, to what I can do to “Make America Great Again”.












An Open Letter to the President of the United States – Barak Hussein Obama

A Letter to the President of the United States of America

Barak Hussein Obama   

January 22, 2015

Mr. President let me open this letter to you by saying that I was not impressed by your State of the Union Address delivered on Tuesday January 20, 2015.

Your speech writers, or you yourself sir, lost me when you imparted the anecdotal story of a letter  written to you by an individual, sharing how their family had overcome economic hardship during the past six years of your administration. I did not relate to Rebekah and Ben’s story, because Mr. President my family has not come out of the tunnel into the light yet.

If your idea of a new foundation is, according to you sir: more government regulations and “programs”; more government spending of money that you should understand simply does not exist; more debt to cover said programs; along with more new laws that will ultimately restrict mine and my families freedoms, then –  I’d rather you term as president end sooner rather than later.

“Middle class economics [versus trickledown economics]”, “a growing economy”, a “bold new plan” – surely you yourself have heard all of this rhetoric before your own SOTU speech. I can assure that I have, as I am a 51 year old man.

How about speaking honestly about our countries ever growing “welfare state”, or the actual biggest threat to our country of “Islamic radicalism”, or the perceived “black grievance industry” – the phrase coined by tea party conservatives that you cannot in good conscience ignore – this produced from “black on black” crime so prevalent in Chicago, Illinois, that you somehow never address in public. Speak to this sir. Speak about honest “tax reform”, or even “campaign contribution” reform legislation now, before the 2016 election season. You make the ability to “veto” a bill somehow seem like an immature childish act resembling “I’m taking my ball home – I don’t wanna play anymore”.

As President of the United States you are of course more free than I –  to determine what you deem of the utmost importance to the well-being of our republic, considering that you are privy to much more information and guidance concerning matters that I am unaware of. But in general I would feel veracious in stating that you, as well as many, many of our “elected” officials, are somehow comfortable under estimating my intelligence. I do not trust your leadership.

In closing it is important to me that you know that I am a black man. You sir I would consider “mixed”, the same as my four children that I sired with my British wife (God rest her soul). In 2008 I voted for you sir, but in 2012 I voted for Gary Johnson (former Governor of New Mexico). I speak eloquently to any friend, family member, acquaintance, potential associate, and stranger on the street of my disappointment in your presidency. Your “legacy” as the “First Black President”, and as you might have imagine it, is not assured.


Michael Lockett

The Two Races in America

Shot in the USA: Gun Violence After Newtown

b Müller

There are two races in America. The race I’m running is the 100m. It’s tiring (I didn’t bother training properly), it’s intense but if I keep hauling my bones along eventually I’ll get to the end. Even if I don’t, someone can probably help or carry me over the line. I’ll need to make a big effort, at the end I’ll be short of breath and exhausted, but I will have run the race.

But next to me there’s another race going on. From high above the stadium, in the TV blimp or police helicopter, both races look pretty much the same in a bird’s eye view. But come down closer until you can see the faces of the runners and feel the texture of the track: These two races are different.

The race next to me is the 110m hurdles. It is slightly longer. It is harder fought…

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Why Chicken…WHY!


Asking the question “why?” and pursuing an answer stridently will make all of our lives more honest, productive, healthy and happy. Just as a child will ask about 4 or 5 repetitions of “but why?”, so should we as adults concerning life in general.

Sure you still need to know who, what, when and where along with why. Of course who is doing what, when and where can be beneficial information to know while reporting material; during a decision making process; while investigating something; or as sheer entertainment. But try asking “why?” immediately.

For example – a most recent news article headline reads, “New concern worldwide as nurse in Spain gets Ebola”. In this instance the “who” is a nurse, the “what” concerns the Ebola virus, the “when” is now and the ”where” is Spain. Why did the nurse get Ebola? Why now after protocols have been established to prevent further spread? Why in Spain? Why isn’t anyone taking responsibility for stopping this outbreak?

I know, this questioning “why?” has the potential to quickly become obnoxious and awfully tedious, and at the very worst the root cause of a dark and deep level of cynicism. Also why can be the most aggressive word in the English language. The one posing the question can be seen as demanding an explanation that can make the recipient decidedly uncomfortable.

Scientifically speaking though, asking why is an iterative question-asking technique used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem, with the primary goal of the technique being to determine the root cause of usually a defect or problem. But it can also be applied to a benefit, blessing and any circumstance. Why did this laptop stop working? Why am I so happy? Why, chicken…WHY?


A simpler example – The actor Will Smiths new movie “Blah, Blah, Blah” will be the summer blockbuster of 2015. Again, the “who”, Will Smith; the “what” a summer blockbuster movie; “when” will be the summer months of 2015; and the “where” is a theatre near you. Why do I need to see another Will Smith movie? Why is he a celebrity and I’m not? Why spend the money when movie ticket prices are so expensive?

The two above who, what, when, where examples are just illustrations, and the answers to each of the why questions posed will differ from person to person. The point is that we can and should all ask why questions concerning every important aspect of our individual and collective lives.

Why do I love my job? I don’t. Well why do I work here? Because, I need the money. Why not do something you like to get money? Because, it’s hard to find a new job. Why? BECAUSE of the economy you jerk! Why am I a jerk for asking questions that make you take a look at your life? Ok then, why is the economy bad? You get the picture…

Simply having any answer to the question why, whether it’s accurate, transparent or even truthful, is the beginning and first step to determining a response or even a solution concerning whatever it is you really want accomplished. Why is the economy so bad? We cannot know everything about everything, and so we must rely on others to answer our why questions, and this can be a risky proposition.

Yet we must courageously ask “why?” Ask this economic question of the correct authority and listen to the answer. The asking or answering of why questions puts each and every individual in a position of responsibility, whether it’s wanted or not. Why questions and answers will identify the content of a person’s character.

Imagine all civil discourse were started by asking why, and then we insightfully and intelligently seek the answers to all of the whys, rather than asking: who is to blame; what will it cost; when will it be done; how will it be done.

So we should all be asking why, perhaps on a daily basis if necessary. It’s an opportunity for truth to be set free, and meaningful conversations to take place. I mean, why did you read this article? And if you don’t agree with me, why not?